Wednesday, July 29, 2015

enjoying what i can, when i can

The sunflowers are slowly passing through but in the meantime they make me so very happy to gaze upon. The birdies are feasting like crazy and sometimes they are so involved in their sunflower salads they do not even notice me a flower's width away.
More so than the flowers or the birds, I think it is the bees that really make me happy. I can happily sit and watch bees all afternoon or morning. I've been known to do just that in the car even when I spy good bee activity out and about. Flowering rosemary seems to be a favorite and it is often used as landscaping for oodles of businesses.
I wasn't able to get a photo but there was a mockingbird nest in this rose that grows against our garden arbor. One side of the arbor is the rose, the other, scarlet runner beans. The gourds were grown a couple years ago and have dried out quite nicely. Mister drilled some holes hoping to attract birds but the birds seem to prefer the roses.
Even the sunflowers that have gone past make me happy. The petals look like worn paper and the birds still partake of their offerings and the bees still gather. I'm hoping to salvage one of the larger heads so that the kiddos at school can remove the seeds. The birds are not really into sharing but I'll sneak in later this week and make a grab for it!
 Mister built a hammock stand for our hammock (which is too short for us a-go-gos...the hammock, not the stand) and we were able to enjoy it for a day before a rare thunderstorm came through soaking the wood to smithereens. The wood was already green as big box lumber stores farm it before i has an opportune time to dry. The stand is now in the garage drying itself out. Hopefully we'll get another few days of lazing about it in. I took some time to watch the birdies...
Especially this guy or gal? Mama mockingbird bringing food to the chicks of which there were three. I never could really see them but they peeped up a storm. We gave them lots of space and still there was a day when s/he dive bombed my head a dozen or so times. They wait until your back is turned and then pull a Hitchcock on you. The birdies have fledged and we haven't seen or heard from them for a few days now. Wish I could have captured them with the camera.

Other than garden visits there has been coffee visits and pink room cleaning. I think the dust from the room has put a spell on me but I'll muddle through. Little bits and pieces are falling into place. I'm uncluttering here and there and the noggin is feeling a little freer as well. Eleanor is super packed with boxes for the thrift and I'm taking pictures as I go. Tomorrow I will take a break from the tiny work (I do what I can, when I can) to get my hair trimmed, hit up the library, enjoy a cuppa with a friend, and shuffle all those boxes off to the thrift. I'm already a smidge tired thinking of it all but a good kind of tired...the kind that makes me smile.

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