Friday, June 05, 2015


It appears I have fallen off the blogging wagon. Life has been busy with work and bad brain. between it all I at least manage to take photos. So here is a wee recap of May. The garden is in crazy bloom and the black hollyhocks we brought up with us from L.A. are still showing up!
Mornings have been chilly but still pretty of course. Mister cut up these gourds we grew a few years ago. No birds have moved in yet but there is a mockingbird nest in one of the rose bushes.
I got one walk in before allergies hit...again. This was a short one but super pretty! We saw otters, sea lions, and all sorts of seabirds. Ya gotta love Morrow Bay!
I found my cooking mojo and then lost it but in between we figured out we really love the crockpot. We alternate between a bean pot or a meat pot. Toss in a pork shoulder and use it for pulled pork, teriyaki, or a burrito bowl pictured here. Yum!
 Like I said, the garden has exploded! The white crown sparrows are gone until fall but there is no shortage of birdies. We have starlings (much to the mister's chagrin), gold finches, linnets, doves, hummingbirds, oak tits, and more!
I've been trying to dress like a grown up, not just wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time. Not only did I wear my grown up boots, but I even put on a necklace!
Had an impromptu coffee date in town with a friend and her kiddos. The day felt more like summer than it feels this June morning. We sat outside at a garden cafe and enjoyed the day. As we were leaving I heard a buzz, buzz, buzzing, looked up and saw a bee hive in the side of an old brick building.
More home cooking. Here I made a mushroom and kale frittata with roasted potatoes, and a spinach, kale, and strawberry salad.
I also enjoyed a coffee date with new friends. We spent almost four hours hanging out at another garden cafe chat, chat, chatting away. Also discovered  a sweet little gift shop that carries handmade pretties from local artists. They also sell succulents.
Also finally found an apron that fits. Well...fits is a bit relative as it is a leetle bit large but still. Apron! Yay! It's my new school uniform.
See? Another dress. Like a grown-up. I love this dress. It is fun and perfect for me. Made by LulaRoe it fits like it should with a flattering full skirt that hits just below the knee.  I have three of these. I may have a problem
 We did two Maker events. One Makerspace Expo in town and one Maker Faire in San Mateo. There was a Whole Foods nearby so I loaded up on beverages aside form water. I got my favorite fix of fresh squeezed orange juice and then I tried some local cold pressed coffees like this carton of Blue Bottle. I think Blue Bottle is better than Stumptown!
And we harvested our first bowl of lettuce from the garden this year. Once we eat up all the lettuce though we will be taking a gardening break as we need to rethink eating local when you are in a serious drought. Serious drought.

So, that's a wee peek at my May. How was yours? June is here and school is almost out and the plans in my head need to get out before I explode. Crossing fingers my perspective shifts. Really, perspective is important and I need to process and think about what brings me joy and what is important.

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