Wednesday, May 20, 2015

slo makerspace expo

with a sign and everything!
mister made the garlands
super nifty instruments
table set up
the maker
but they were my idea

Sunday, May 03, 2015

this week...last week?

In no particular order there was... waffles for dinner, and pork pulled three ways to tomorrow. Crockpot pork is so ridiculously easy...dress is with just a smidge o' seasoning and you can eat it up multiple ways. The cut the mister picked up was a bit large for us a-go-gos and so we ate it as is with taters and peas, in quesadillas, with broccoli and teriyaki sauce, as bbq pulled pork, and with a bit o' spinach. Pork. It's what's for dinner, and lunch, and breakfast.
There was also skirt weather. Hot temps even. Enough to bring the wind and the pollen and the want for cold beverages. Also, there was sidewalk chalk. A lot of sidewalk chalk.
I not only got some gift wrapping from...ahem...Christmas completed, but I mailed the scarves I promised people back in February! I hope there's a bit  of a cold snap to those who got my scarves!
Snails reappeared in the classroom as we discovered a bunch o' babies in our wee little play yard. Baby snails are stupid cute. the one pictured above was one of the larger critters. There were some so small I could not pick them up. Eeeeeee!
And then there were socks. New socks. new socks with cute things on them such as kiwi, watermelon, foxes, and chickens! I do like happy socks.
Did I mention warmer temps and the need for cool drinks? I hydrated a bit this week. Trying to stay ahead of allergy ick. I find that keeping hydrated helps a lot. I drank nettle tea by the jars full, water, fresh squeezed orange juice, gatorade, so many smoothies, and coffee. Iced coffee. I purchased this Stumptown on a whim though I was wary of the ingredient list. Nothing too awful but I won't be purchasing it again. I am not a fan of carageenan. Blech. Besides, with the sniffer out of commission I can only taste the sweet part and since I really don't need the sweet I should stick to herbal tea. Phooey.

This week temps are supposed to be back in the high 60s which means I can wear sleeves and not want to tear them off! I can also drink hot tea without complaining, go me! How was your week?