Thursday, March 26, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 7

Here's another combo I liked even if I feel the photo makes me look uber frumpy. It may be the shoes. Let's talk about shoes. I'm not sure why it is I love a clompy clown shoe but I do. I think it may be because I have a fairly small foot and a larger frame so that I look like I'm going to tip over unless my shoes have enough balance in front. See? Balance! It's important.  I think I have always liked this style of shoe, I feel like it is European (not necessarily stylish) and somewhere in my growing up someone wore these and I wanted them. I've tried many brands to finally find the pair that works for me. If you are searching for a hard to find foot and you find a brand or style you like, try ebay first. These oxfords here are Alegria that are usually priced over $150. I found this pair on ebay at auction for $35 with shipping. They are too big and they squeak when I walk but I still love them and know that the next pair I order (they come in pink!) will be one size smaller. Experiment, search, and shop without breaking the bank, your feet, or back!


  1. too cute and i love the fox top too!!! you look comfy and stylish!!

    1. thank you! i'm really liking the colors!