Wednesday, March 25, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 5

I liked this one. At least, it's comfortable and fairly stylish (ignore the waistband belly bulge please). The shirt is a comfy thrifted find and the pants are what I call my "old lady" ankle pant. I picked these up at Kohl's from the Croft and Barrow collection which I always think of as the old-lady shop. While these do not have pockets, the fabric fits well, does not bag, and is of a really nice black (not a green black or a brown black). The waistband fits flat and does not have an elastic insert that twists after the first washing. I hate when that happens! A nice stretch trouser that is slightly cropped keeps you from looking like you are wearing leggings. I have an ankle boot that I think would look swanky too. Also? A converse style low top if you can wear them and/or a motorcycle boot. See? Versatile! Don't be afraid of a form fitting pant!

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