Sunday, February 15, 2015

spending the day in l.a.

lolo-my brother's kitteh
Technically we were in L.A. for three days but we only hit up downtown on Saturday to check out one of my all time favorite bands performing one of my all time favorite albums.
brother-made garden shed
We drove down on Friday and it took double the time it usually takes. We ended up picking up our favorite banh mis for a late lunch and visit with my brother before hitting up a favorite Vietnamese eatery with another favorite person after which we surprised another old friend for a lazy visit (another, another, another...I need a thesaurus).
Saturday morning was a flurry of activity. First stop breakfast with this fabulous person (who is my favorite favoritest) where we consumed breakfast goods at an old haunt before hieing off to a park for "let's spoil jessica hour" as I opened up my traditional xmas/birthday gift which had me wishing I had my fancy pants camera to photograph its prettiness. So, so, so pretty.
The weather was STUNNING and I did a wee bit of nature crafting as we chit-chatted away before heading off to our next stop, The Soap Plant, for a refill of pikaki because this girl needs her pikaki.
And then it was time for a trek to South Pasadena to Old Focals to peruse the vintage wares for a new pair of old specs for my birthday. As always, the selection was astounding and there were far too many to choose from. The pair I picked out is a bit different but still quite me. I did not take any photos...yet...still gotta get 'em to the optician for the lenses.
It was only 3pm and we were pooped but it was time to drop goodies off at my brother's before we hit up the Gold Line for the trek to Downtown L.A. for the show. We were super early but wanted to wander L.A. or (dtla as the hipsters call it) so we transferred to the Red Line and exited at Pershing Square to wander.
After a burger from Umami (it was okay) and drinks at Pattern Bar (better than okay) it was showtime (only it wasn't as the show began an hour late which made us old a-go-gos cranky).
The show was fantastic and we were able to hit all the trains home before they stopped running...though we were fading fast. I can't do late nights anymore. I feel old. In the morning we hit up Lucky Boy with my brother for the best and largest breakfast burritos on town and then Rockler for  wood for the mister's ukes-to-be before the long, long drive home where we hit traffic from Pasadena to Santa Barbara. At least the view is mostly pretty once you hit Venture. Ya gotta love the Pacific.


  1. Those black specs! I think they're the ones I talked myself out of. Must go back!

    1. i almost almost almost got the black but went for the slate as they were more comfortable. also almost got a brown with rhinestone butterflies but they were too similar to my standbys and i was trying to be different.

  2. What a trip, sounds like you had a fun packed time. Very best belated wishes for your birthday, hope you continue to have a fun packed year!