Friday, January 30, 2015

i seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo

i've been sick with some sort of ick that i thought at first was allergies and then i thought it was a cold but then maybe allergies and now i know it was some sort of viral ick and my body is quite tired and my throat is quite sick of feeling ickified and my brain has been all sorts of sad raccoony and if only i could sleep or get better already.

for reals.

i did manage one fairly healthy day in some happy mini capsule clothes that will hopefully get all blogged up.

i need to feel better. please let me feel better soon, i have a concert in L.A. to attend in two weeks and i really would rather it happen.

p.s. the mister is recovering and able to laugh now. phew! now if only we could both feel good at the same time.

p.p.s our sunsets have really been bringing it.

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