Saturday, January 03, 2015

an urban hike {sometimes i forget i have allergies}

the mister and i woke up this morning and hit the ground running. first stop, farmer's market where we picked up more eggs than you can shake a stick at, an orange pomegranate juice blend, cara cara oranges (my favorite), kale, shallots, carrots, and all that jazz. from there we probably visited every other market in our town to complete our grocery list which I had created using 4 recipes and a perusal of our pantry. the fridge is quite full of par-cooked goods that i need to work on tomorrow. phew!
after browning the pork roast and popping it into the slow cooker with onions, onions, and more onions. and then taking the lid off the twelve eggs i was boiling for lunches this week, we grabbed the mama a-go-go to get our burger on at our favorite burger joint in Los Osos. between the three of us we barely polished off two burgers, two chocolate malts, and a basket of onion rings. i'm full just typing that all out. it's what we always get unless the mama a-go-go is not with  us then we split a burger and a malt and call it a day. they make the best malts and onion rings. the best.
the mama a-go-go had some errands to run so we took care of them and had her drop us off downtown so i could hit up the craft store for some for reals needed supplies. after chatting with a couple of awesome shop gals we then wandered up to the library before gamely approaching our walk home which is a whistle shy of 2 miles.
i of course took advantage of the walk and took pictures which is what you see here. it was warm and lovely and my feet are tired.
once home we rehydrated with a tall jar of water each before the mister headed out to the garden to prune the peach tree and i wandered about prepping and cutting school stuff with a manic search for the hole punch somewhere in the middle. i found it...eventually...sheesh!
after a dinner of my famous New Year's Rice i finally plopped onto the sofa and pulled the laptop onto my lap for a round or three of Soda Crush, a but of sad news regarding a family friend, and round of photo editing so i could post here on the blog. my goal for this year is to write more whether i am feeling creative or not.


  1. Cara Cara oranges are my favorite too! But I'm HUGELY jealous of your warmth as I'm wrapped in blankets

  2. what a wonderful day you had!! who is mama a go go if i may ask? also i would love the rice recipe!! happy 2015!


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