Friday, January 30, 2015

i seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo

i've been sick with some sort of ick that i thought at first was allergies and then i thought it was a cold but then maybe allergies and now i know it was some sort of viral ick and my body is quite tired and my throat is quite sick of feeling ickified and my brain has been all sorts of sad raccoony and if only i could sleep or get better already.

for reals.

i did manage one fairly healthy day in some happy mini capsule clothes that will hopefully get all blogged up.

i need to feel better. please let me feel better soon, i have a concert in L.A. to attend in two weeks and i really would rather it happen.

p.s. the mister is recovering and able to laugh now. phew! now if only we could both feel good at the same time.

p.p.s our sunsets have really been bringing it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

from last weekend

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to peek out the back patio door as I drink a glass of water. Last week I was greeted with this stunning view. The sky was mostly blue with some grey clouds to the north but still we had a rainbow and a bit of sunglow on the peak that everyone hikes in this town (except me). It was swoon worthy.
But then I looked east and saw the rays from the sunrise and I had a hard time deciding which was prettier. Thankfully I remembered where I left my camera and was able to catch both of the swoon worthy views. This morning, at 8:30, I woke up too late for pretty light so instead I brushed my hair and my teeth and pulled on jeans and a sweater and hightailed it to the farmers market for fresh squeezed pom-orange juice. It was a bit of a rocky night with the mister's back spasms and him being unable to really move without assistance and I was hanging out with spasms of my own so could not be of much use. After allowing me to encourage him to move to a semi-prone position in the mama a-go-go's chair he was able to sleep and rest until I woke him up at four hour intervals for his pain pills and food. I'm a deep sleeper so to make sure I could wake up I didn't really sleep much and am soooo tired even now.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm not the biggest fan of hospitals.

Mister had hernia surgery today and while it was a common and routine type of surgery I was a bit perplexed and anxious all morning. For awhile I wished I was a professional baseball player who had a lucky bat or socks or something anything to make sure he would wake all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I once read an essay about the superstition of players and their lucky objects and thought maybe I should have brought something with me even though I doubly worried that the bringing of such an object would be an omen of sorts. And so, I worried.  I worried about kissing him goodbye...would that jinx it? I worried about what to say or whether or not we should hold hands. I just worried. I know it was a common and routine type of surgery but with my life you never know.

When they took him in for prep and surgery I sat in the waiting room of the surgery center for all of two minutes before I dashed out the door into the cold (for my neck of the woods...34 degrees) early morning (it was 7:15, we had left at 6:30 for the short drive north under the prettiest pink morning sky) to the car so that I could drive off and search for coffee. Searching for coffee was not necessary for coffee's sake but for mine as I needed something to occupy my brain besides worry and I already stood out in the cold for 5 minutes as I contemplated whether or not I would jinx anything by putting the mister's jacket in the trunk of the car or wearing it? I mean, I really wondered and mumbled to myself and went back and forth and argued and thought I was being silly then thought I was being even more silly for thinking I was being silly and really you do know that the placement of a loved one's jacket could actually make for a positive outcome so I really had to think on this.

I fumbled with my stupid tiny tracphone that was designed with no intuition whatsoever in search of a way to make sure it rang if anyone needed to contact me and if you know me you know that I never have my ringer on and most probably left my phone at home or uncharged at the bottom of my purse. Not that I would know if anyone called as I have no idea what ring tone the darn thing has but I  finally figured it out, popped it into the cup holder and thought to myself that I will probably forget I put it there and go crazy looking for it later (I did and I did).

Back to the highway I zoomed to the Starbucks I saw on the way up and ordered up a sticky-sweet latte and a slice of pumpkin bread. While waiting for my order I spied someone I had met before and popped a smile on my face to say hello when I remembered that this person was virtually legally blind and probably did not see my face let alone my smile and so I awkwardly walked to the other side of the Starbucks and intently examined the mugs and snack foods as a way to keep my mind from wandering to the mister.

And so I returned to the surgery center with coffee and sugar in hand. The lights in the waiting room made my vision blurry as did the really stupid YA book I was reading on the paper white the mister stole for me at his work sponsored white elephant exchange. I read and read and read until I had about one chapter left and I thought for certain I was going to fall asleep from the blurry-eyed-ness of it all and my allergies have been attacking and the fatigue and sleepiness are enough to make me narcoleptic. There was no wifi so the iphone I use as an internet browser and camera was of no use to me nor was my laptop thought I should have been editing the three zillion photos I took this week of the kiddos at work but I didn't. Instead I spoke to the doctor who told me everything was ok and I waited for the mister to wake up so we could head home.

While waiting I pulled a stack of People magazines off the rack and thought I would read them instead of my book so I would have something to read when I was called to recovery but I couldn't do it** as there is an insane flu going around and I imagined all of the other hands that have touched the magazines so instead I rifled through a poorly organized self-published book on our local architecture (see? I'm snarky even when I'm stressed out). Then the nurse popped out to tell me to pull the car around he was ready to go so I washed my hands of crazy imaginary flue infested germs and anxiously recited the directions to the recovery room exit  (which really was just around the corner but I wasn't sure and have I told you how socially inept I am?)

I had to knock twice on the big door and it made me feel more anxious as the second round of knocking was a bit more bitchy and I don't like feeling bitchy. The door opened immediately and I spied the mister on a wheelie-bed still in his blue hospital gown and drug-induced grin on his face and I sucked a small quick breath in because even though he was fine and smiling the goofiest dopey grin, seeing a person you love in a setting that carries bad reminders of our mortality is really not my favorite thing. But he was fine and he was dopey and he really liked the heat blanket and thought a milkshake would be a good thing and after I got him into his clothes we hied off for pain pills and a chocolate shake.

The getting of the pain pills proved to be an ENORMOUS comedy of errors (three pharmacies, guys, THREE)  and the milkshake was only slightly so (I drove right by the drive-thru pick up window and had to circle though again, I'm a little out of practice as our town does not allow drive-thrus) and I had to go to the market later when the mister decided chicken noodle soup would be more pleasing than the possibly expired butternut squash business I heated up for him around 4pm as we have nothing in the fridge because my allergies keep me from behaving normally and my back has been on strike and did I tell you I got rear-ended yesterday? But hey, he's home and ice-packed and eating and shuffling and all around awful at letting people take care of him and I am so very glad for that.

Nothing really super exciting but I wanted to write this down because I think it's interesting how our memories play with us and how the things we have read or heard intercept our thoughts and I wanted to say that even with all the good and the bad and the not-so-good there is a constant underlying worry that things will fall apart and while I think it is okay to feel this way (well, sort of okay) I think it is better to accept that we cannot change the things that happen to us only our response to those things and that while I may be a little bit nutty in this nutty world I'm lucky to have someone to be nutty for.

p.s. hug a loved one today be it a person or a furball.

**and yes, I did take an instagram photo with the camera as I was going bonkers.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

the bed in review 2014

This year was a bit busy and the beds were a bit late but all in all I have to admit I made some pretty pretty beds, didn't I? I also have to admit I kinda miss the white walls of the second tiny casa. Shhh...don't tell the mister, he had to put quite a few coats of paint ot cover up the sister a-go-go's orange walls.

Friday, January 09, 2015

the january bed

Same pillowcases as last year. Maybe even the same bedding? I have no idea where that happy wreath is hiding and I looked or it. But then I saw that Target still had these snowflake ornaments half off and then again at 75% off so I scooped 'em all up. All season long I would see them and I would pick up the snowflakes, trees, and stars and then I would put them back because even though they were only $3 for two I could not justify the spend and of course, I couldn't just get one set so when I happened to be in the store and there happened to be a small clutter on sale I swooped in because they are perfect! Are they not?

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

the walking {sock} monkey (with extra witch-baby action)


she's a bit non-plussed
For a little reference, if you are not familiar, this sock monkey is based on the sculpture Walking Man by Alberto Giacometti. Mister was afraid one might think this was a parody of our President but I knew it was Giacometti right away. SWOON!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

i may have gone a little overboard with the arm knitting

if you have followed my blog for any amount of time you may remember that i am a bit inept in the yarn arts unless it involves wrapping it around something...i've taken crochet classes, knitting classes and had one-on-one sessions with utter and absolute failure.
i am a crafter that cannot knit. hipster i will never be.  until now.
a friend serendipitously spied a free arm knitting class at one of our local libraries and signed us up (we dragged mr. a-go-go along). we arrived to an after-hours library with a table full of pre-wrapped yarn balls, a dozen or so gals over 60 and us. mr. a-go-go was the only fella in sight.
it took me longer than the rest of the group to figure out what was going on but the mister was really good at helping me out in a way i could learn. i think all my talk of multiple intelligences got through to him. anyhow, the first scarf i made was a bit of a disaster but i caught the bug and have since gone a little bit yarn crazy (even converting a person or two).
i made a couple scarves as gifts but am a little full up of extras for myself so in the spirit of the new year i would like to offer up one happily woven-up arm knitted scarf to the first reader who actually read through all this blog blather to know i'm giving away something and that they would actually want it (it will be a surprise color and not one pictured here). leave a comment and email me your address and i'll send one your way. for reals! happy new year!

**for those who ask, my lipstick is Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Redwood Forest.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

an urban hike {sometimes i forget i have allergies}

the mister and i woke up this morning and hit the ground running. first stop, farmer's market where we picked up more eggs than you can shake a stick at, an orange pomegranate juice blend, cara cara oranges (my favorite), kale, shallots, carrots, and all that jazz. from there we probably visited every other market in our town to complete our grocery list which I had created using 4 recipes and a perusal of our pantry. the fridge is quite full of par-cooked goods that i need to work on tomorrow. phew!
after browning the pork roast and popping it into the slow cooker with onions, onions, and more onions. and then taking the lid off the twelve eggs i was boiling for lunches this week, we grabbed the mama a-go-go to get our burger on at our favorite burger joint in Los Osos. between the three of us we barely polished off two burgers, two chocolate malts, and a basket of onion rings. i'm full just typing that all out. it's what we always get unless the mama a-go-go is not with  us then we split a burger and a malt and call it a day. they make the best malts and onion rings. the best.
the mama a-go-go had some errands to run so we took care of them and had her drop us off downtown so i could hit up the craft store for some for reals needed supplies. after chatting with a couple of awesome shop gals we then wandered up to the library before gamely approaching our walk home which is a whistle shy of 2 miles.
i of course took advantage of the walk and took pictures which is what you see here. it was warm and lovely and my feet are tired.
once home we rehydrated with a tall jar of water each before the mister headed out to the garden to prune the peach tree and i wandered about prepping and cutting school stuff with a manic search for the hole punch somewhere in the middle. i found it...eventually...sheesh!
after a dinner of my famous New Year's Rice i finally plopped onto the sofa and pulled the laptop onto my lap for a round or three of Soda Crush, a but of sad news regarding a family friend, and round of photo editing so i could post here on the blog. my goal for this year is to write more whether i am feeling creative or not.

there's a new {sock} monkey in town

can you tell which one it is?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

happy new year!

i haven't taken any photos today. or done much. there are no resolutions in my peripheral only intentions and we'll see how that goes. tomorrow i am putting on my grown-up cap and getting my first mammogram along with a follow-up ultrasound on my magical thyroid nodule. sometimes being an adult? not as fun as you imagine it to be. either way, happy 2015! i intend to write more this year.