Wednesday, December 24, 2014

the december bed

The last bed of 2014, can you believe it? I thought I would make a garland with the wood snowflakes but only picked up one pack and have stolen away more than a few for a preschool project so instead htye are taped up to the wall with washi which may or may not take. Sometimes things stick for the entire month while other times things fall on our heads in the night.  That's why the bulk of the taped stuff goes over my head as I won't even notice in my sleep.  The top pillowcase was made by me, the two peachy/pinky cases came from Target and the printed white cases are thrifted vintage. The quilt was a gift from Ms. Za, the yellow Vera throw at the foot is the flipside to one of my wonky patchwork pieces and the lap afghan was an estate sale find in Oklahoma purchased from the dear sweet gal who made it back in the 60s. The tiny bell garland was made by me as was the retro tissue tree. The tinsel? The tinsel is retro in color and purchased from either Target or Anthropologie years ago at an after Christmas sale. Phew! Merry Christmas Eve and a Happy 2015!

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