Saturday, December 27, 2014

scenes from the holiday...

new 'do!
abstract gingerbread people
a tree of sorts
handmade trimmings
handmade tree
cookies round 2
a leetle bit of crafting

cookies round 3
festive bed
closet purge
traditional xmas cheese platter
cookies round 4
exquisite corpse time
the finished corpses
xmas stockings
sinter claus vistied
bert and ernie 2014 (made by me)
krampus came as well
holiday thrift score
the new sock monkey: walking monkey


  1. fun times! happy hollydaze!

  2. super cute 'do! happy hols to you and the mister!

  3. merry merry and a happy new year! looks like you had a very festive and colorful holiday!

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Great new do and glasses! I love the Bert and Ernie tag :)