Saturday, December 13, 2014

a little bit of holiday cheer


Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of my Mother's death. The day itself was not a hard day as I miss my mom pretty much all the time. But it did explain the meltdowns over microscopic things I have been having. Meltdowns, no matter how microscopic always make me feel small and petty. Embarrassing, really. My mother loved Christmas. The colors and sparkle of it all so instead of wallowing in sadness, the mama a-go-go and I put on some holiday tunes and set about decorating the homestead. It's not much but it's cheery.


  1. A big hug to you. I miss my Mom all the time too but Christmas always makes me miss her more. Little things have given way to little meltdowns lately. Tonight me and my sis are decorating the tree and I know we'll be thinking about Mom.
    gina - you're old PO classmate :)

    1. Hope you had a lovely time decorating your tree. I am looking froward to feeling less meltdowny. Hugs to you friend! xo