Friday, November 07, 2014

swappy swappy

a long while ago an old swap friend and i decided to do a crafty fun garland swap. it took me forever to eke out the time to finish it but i did and it was super fun! lookie:
first off, i made this happy garland in red, aqua, yellow, and green. i love the wonky scallops with this color combo. i have extra scallops so i may whip up another smaller garland for myself.
my swap partner was crocheting me a doily garland and told me she preferred cotton yarn. how cool is it that i found these wee little bits of happy cotton yarn. yay! i popped them into a small metal tin with a minty green top. double yay!
keeping with the color theme i found a trio of happy washi tape to snuggle inside a second tin just like the one holding the yarn.
the rest of the bits and bobs did not exactly fit in with the color scheme so i wrapped them up to match. i think this little package is full of an awesome earl grey tea.
one of these little packs is hiding a locally made bar of soap that smells of chocolate and lavender while the other hides a lively pair of socks covered in teacups from our local shop sock, The Sock Drawer.
i have no idea what i wrapped inside here. it was a longer package...huh. i am getting old and cannot remember anything.
and here is the happy pile of wrapped up goodies. ooh, maybe the garland is in that red package up above. there was a lot of fun packed inside...tea, soap, tape, yarn, socks, cookie cutters, and the garland plus more that i cannot remember. either way it was super fun but i think my swap partner went cute crazy and sent me the much better package. photos coming soon! yay for swaps!


  1. Fun city! You wrapped everything up so cute. Can't wait to see what you got!

  2. What a fun swap, color scheme, and banner! Can't wait to see what you received!!