Friday, November 14, 2014

loony is as loony does

This morning I sat in cat barf. I did not notice I sat in cat barf until I finished my cup of tea and it was far too late. Ugh. Witch-Baby is an old kitty. An old lumpy kitty. An old lumpy kitty that barfs. A lot. I'm feeling a little old and lumpy myself (more lumpy than old I suppose but eegads my legs! My legs!).

It has come to pass that I now wake up with unruly eyebrows. I wake up with unruly eyebrows and enjoy my first cuppa whilst sitting in cat barf and I do not even notice.

I also put my SD card into the disc drive on my laptop which is on the opposite side of the laptop from where the card reader is.

I last shaved my armpits in the middle of October and not much has returned.

I do however now sport a fuzzy mustache.

Thank mawd it's blonde.

But hey, it's Movember yo. I'm cool like that.

Unruly eyebrows and all.


  1. This made me laugh so loud, thank goodness i,d swallowed my coffee! Oh i can relate to all of this..thank you for your fabulous honesty, you,ve made my day x

  2. Hahahahahaha! When I was in high school we had a cat that barfed occasionally and I managed to step in it EVERY TIME!