Sunday, November 23, 2014

hipstergram dilly dilly {i've never been good at being hip}

I've always been behind when it come to change and technology. I swear I must have used dial-up for years after wifi made an appearance and back in the 80s when cds began popping up I may even had sneered a little. My vinyl was good enough for me. My KROQ filled cassette tapes were right dandy. I did not need no stinking cd player.

When it comes to phones, I use a tracphone with no plan when I have to but mostly I use my google phone at home in the comfort of my faded teapot pajamas (yay headphones). Now that my new tracphone has a teeny tiny keypad on it I have entered the world of texting only it takes me forever to type out a reply and I'm still trying to figure out how to use punctuation on the darn thing. It has a camera on it but I have no idea how to get the photos of it. So no photos yet.

I'm an old school social media photographer aka a flickr 365-er. When this whole selfie business began popping up I was confused. Didn't hundreds of us flickr users do this six years ago? Instagram posts kept invading the blogs I was reading and I loved the retro feel to the pics and wanted to play too but was totally bummed to find you couldn't play unless you owned a smartphone and well...I suppose a tracphone just ain't smart enough. Back in January I bought the mama a-go-go's Iphone 3 off of her to use as an mp3 player and a camera for the classroom. I'm a broke preschool teacher and a phone plan is too much so I make do with my tiny tracphone, my canon rebel, and the iphone 3...there's a little bit of juggling going around but I am really good at it and I figured out this whole app business (sort of) and got myself a shiny new instagram account and was a happy little clam.

For awhile.

Then I met up with an old flickr friend whose camera phone photos were super happy and she introduced me to hipstagram and I purchased my very first app. Purchased it and am happily addicted to it even though it is probably so 2012 or whatever. So there ya go. I'm new to the old scene and scraping pennies away for a galaxy note or tablet and not even sure how to go about it. The mister knows but he gets so darn cranky with technology I feel like Lucy in trouble with Ricky when I ask. I have to make a decision. Do I upgrade my rebel next year or get a Galaxy? I hear the cameras on the new phones are remarkable and it might be nice to take a selfie that shows more than just my  blurry chin(s).

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  1. My two cents' worth: if you're not tech-confident yourself, do NOT get a Samsung product or an Android platform. I work in tech for a living and do all my own support, but my experiences with various combinations of both of those have been bangs-head-against-wall frustrating. Stick with what you've got, or get an Apple product.