Sunday, November 23, 2014

hipstergram dilly dilly {i've never been good at being hip}

I've always been behind when it come to change and technology. I swear I must have used dial-up for years after wifi made an appearance and back in the 80s when cds began popping up I may even had sneered a little. My vinyl was good enough for me. My KROQ filled cassette tapes were right dandy. I did not need no stinking cd player.

When it comes to phones, I use a tracphone with no plan when I have to but mostly I use my google phone at home in the comfort of my faded teapot pajamas (yay headphones). Now that my new tracphone has a teeny tiny keypad on it I have entered the world of texting only it takes me forever to type out a reply and I'm still trying to figure out how to use punctuation on the darn thing. It has a camera on it but I have no idea how to get the photos of it. So no photos yet.

I'm an old school social media photographer aka a flickr 365-er. When this whole selfie business began popping up I was confused. Didn't hundreds of us flickr users do this six years ago? Instagram posts kept invading the blogs I was reading and I loved the retro feel to the pics and wanted to play too but was totally bummed to find you couldn't play unless you owned a smartphone and well...I suppose a tracphone just ain't smart enough. Back in January I bought the mama a-go-go's Iphone 3 off of her to use as an mp3 player and a camera for the classroom. I'm a broke preschool teacher and a phone plan is too much so I make do with my tiny tracphone, my canon rebel, and the iphone 3...there's a little bit of juggling going around but I am really good at it and I figured out this whole app business (sort of) and got myself a shiny new instagram account and was a happy little clam.

For awhile.

Then I met up with an old flickr friend whose camera phone photos were super happy and she introduced me to hipstagram and I purchased my very first app. Purchased it and am happily addicted to it even though it is probably so 2012 or whatever. So there ya go. I'm new to the old scene and scraping pennies away for a galaxy note or tablet and not even sure how to go about it. The mister knows but he gets so darn cranky with technology I feel like Lucy in trouble with Ricky when I ask. I have to make a decision. Do I upgrade my rebel next year or get a Galaxy? I hear the cameras on the new phones are remarkable and it might be nice to take a selfie that shows more than just my  blurry chin(s).

Friday, November 21, 2014

pretties from the swap

I really, really think I got the better package and now I'm thinking of what else I can send the lovely Meghan. I mean the awesome crocheted garland all on it's own has me over the moon! But then she had to go and add all sorts of other happy bits....swoon!

Thank you, Meghan! The garland will be making an appearance in the november bed! I really need to take photos...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

the {long} overdue september bed

i was making pinwheels for our classroom and decided that they would be fun for the bed so i made more! the quilt is an awesome thrift score over the summer. i got it for $3! the praying hands was another thriftscore...twenty-five was the vintage chicken which cost me fifty-cents! thriftscore!

Friday, November 14, 2014

loony is as loony does

This morning I sat in cat barf. I did not notice I sat in cat barf until I finished my cup of tea and it was far too late. Ugh. Witch-Baby is an old kitty. An old lumpy kitty. An old lumpy kitty that barfs. A lot. I'm feeling a little old and lumpy myself (more lumpy than old I suppose but eegads my legs! My legs!).

It has come to pass that I now wake up with unruly eyebrows. I wake up with unruly eyebrows and enjoy my first cuppa whilst sitting in cat barf and I do not even notice.

I also put my SD card into the disc drive on my laptop which is on the opposite side of the laptop from where the card reader is.

I last shaved my armpits in the middle of October and not much has returned.

I do however now sport a fuzzy mustache.

Thank mawd it's blonde.

But hey, it's Movember yo. I'm cool like that.

Unruly eyebrows and all.

Friday, November 07, 2014

swappy swappy

a long while ago an old swap friend and i decided to do a crafty fun garland swap. it took me forever to eke out the time to finish it but i did and it was super fun! lookie:
first off, i made this happy garland in red, aqua, yellow, and green. i love the wonky scallops with this color combo. i have extra scallops so i may whip up another smaller garland for myself.
my swap partner was crocheting me a doily garland and told me she preferred cotton yarn. how cool is it that i found these wee little bits of happy cotton yarn. yay! i popped them into a small metal tin with a minty green top. double yay!
keeping with the color theme i found a trio of happy washi tape to snuggle inside a second tin just like the one holding the yarn.
the rest of the bits and bobs did not exactly fit in with the color scheme so i wrapped them up to match. i think this little package is full of an awesome earl grey tea.
one of these little packs is hiding a locally made bar of soap that smells of chocolate and lavender while the other hides a lively pair of socks covered in teacups from our local shop sock, The Sock Drawer.
i have no idea what i wrapped inside here. it was a longer package...huh. i am getting old and cannot remember anything.
and here is the happy pile of wrapped up goodies. ooh, maybe the garland is in that red package up above. there was a lot of fun packed inside...tea, soap, tape, yarn, socks, cookie cutters, and the garland plus more that i cannot remember. either way it was super fun but i think my swap partner went cute crazy and sent me the much better package. photos coming soon! yay for swaps!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

i'm not the kind of girl who cries at weddings

I'm not the type of girl who cries at weddings. I know, I know. Let me rephrase that. I'm not the type of girl who cries at weddings for the sake of being the girl who cries at weddings. I know that might not make sense for a girl who tends to cry at pretty much everything. Not cry really...tear up...get weepy...what have you. I'm emotional. Not a flighty, high-strung type of emotional like so many unfeeling people tend to label me but a person who can easily slip into the idea of what another might be feeling. I'm an empath. Or maybe just super sensitive to emotion. I empathize mightily with people I know and with people I do not know. I weep at the drop of a hat but I do not cry at weddings. Not that I have been to many weddings.

I did cry at my own. I blame the mister. I wasn't supposed to cry. In my head, I wasn't but I did. Darn that man of mine.

At that lovely shindig a few weeks ago I found myself tearing up.


Just before the second time I caught myself in an eyeroll over a gaggle of girls exclaiming loudly about their anticipation of tears. It was really hard not to snort. Some empath, right? They were the type of girls who cry at weddings. Not because of the beautiful ceremony or the lovely glowing bride but because that is what one does. Cry at weddings. But I did. I cried. I got teared up, got weepy...what have you. It happened when the music began for the bride's entrance and everyone turned to watch and I did not. I did not turn when everyone else did because I caught the groom's face. I caught that moment. That magical moment of absolute love and his expression reminded me of my own from not an hour before when I cried  (welll...teared up, got weepy...) for the first time that night. His face was magical and the moment was breathtaking.

My own face reflected absolute love less than an hour before as I stood on the damp grass facing the mister in a crowd of people where we didn't know a soul. We stood their awkwardly together all gussied up and feeling anything but like a grown up. I forget what we were talking about but there was a moment when I thought to myself without really thinking that I love this man and that he loves me and then I grinned this stupid grin that must have looked different because the mister caught it and responded with a shy tilt of his head as he asked me "What?" I just looked at him, my eyes welling with tears and he took my hand and squeezed it. He knew.

So. I'm not the kind of girl who cries at weddings. I may tear up, get weepy...what have you. But I do not cry.