Thursday, October 30, 2014

getting my pumpkin on

How could I not? The Siggi's is soooo damn good! Tart and filling. The Chobani is surprisingly watery for Chobani but is really high in pumpkin spice scent (thank you oh working sniffer). And the Noosa? The Noosa tastes like a freaking cheesecake. So glad it is one of those limited editions and only at Target. Have you tried any new pumpkin products lately?

Monday, October 27, 2014

mr. a-go-go

did you know, way back when we first began a-courtin', mr. a-go-go would draw me these little tiny cartoons and prop them up in various places in the tiny casa. on my toothbrush, in the fridge, in the car. he has a super quirky cartoon style that is heavily influenced by the uber talented George Herriman (and then, by chain of inspiration, Chris Ware). after we got hitched, his cartoons for me turned into bert and ernie strips that still crack me up. his original robot-like creatures have evolved into a nifty comic he calls pic-shaws. that mr. a-go-go is super spiffy, he is.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

this is how i spend my downtime

up with the morning moon
and the morning hummingbirds
and the thirsty linnets
and the sneaky jays
there is a hummingbird turf war in the garden
spying on our new visitors
spotting the one gold crown
breathing to the beat of the woodpecker
smiling at the bathing birdies
greeting the sun with returning friends

Sunday, October 19, 2014

we went to a shindig

mr. a-go-go and i do not know many people up here. being ever-so-slightly introverted, childless, old, and dorky makes it a leetle bit difficult but we make do. it helps that we enjoy each others company. that said, the few people i have met and and utterly adore just happen to be folks who connected with me through my blog and flickr. flickr! remember flickr? one of my local flickr friends got hitched so mr. a-go-go and i did our best to clean up and be social. it was a lot of fun and the happy couple throw a mean shindig...just saying. yay for parties! i did not bring my rebel but i did bring an old iphone that i use purely as a mini jukebox and a camera to capture some of the happy little details.
 can you tell there was a little bit of scrumdilly involved? it was super windy but still, everything was simple and pretty.
 i may have mixed up a number of arnold palmers. i used to think they were over-the-top smarmy lemonades but now that i am an old fogey i quite like them. p.s. everyone knows that drinks served from enormous mason jars are better anyway.
we were seated at the flickr table and met some super cool people who gamely chatted with us about our fondness of L.A. eats. made us miss L.A.
it was super windy and the weather waffled between shivering and warm. cold drinks were downed and then i may have parked myself at the coffee table when the coffee came out. our hosts chose cupcakes for the cake portion of the ceremony and good lord i need to learn how to make a salted chocolate caramel cupcake, yum!
so we did it. us dorky a-go-gos stepped out of our comfort zones to gussy up as best we could to honor a favorite person's big day and we survived. we even had fun and yes, we danced a little too!

Monday, October 06, 2014

oh me, oh my

I'm still kicking around. Work has kept be super duper busy. My best blogging thoughts happen as I fall asleep and I am far too sleepy to wake up enough to write it all down. I'll be back sometime this week with some eye candy.