Sunday, September 07, 2014

i'm still here...

I am. It's been busy and then not so busy. Same old same old except I've been on a book binge and have been reading so much that my sad middle-aged eyeballs are a bit on the tired side. Add a dash of back injury from picking up a run-a-way kiddo and a dose of wheeze from wind and know...same old same old. Except this morning I bit it gloriously by tripping over the cuff of one of my pajama legs (in order to not trip over the laptop cord). It was one of those slow motion falls where you bounce off of everything around you a bit like Homer Simpson when he fell off the cliff...I may even have uttered a d'oh with each whack but then again it might have been a very loud profanity. It's been slow going as I am old. But the days have been warm and pretty with birds chittering in the garden (today there was a pair of woodpeckers) and a scrumptious boysenberry haul daily. Save for sore muscles, a little wheeze and scraped knees I can't complain.


  1. I feel you on the slow going - though if I fell I fear I'd never get up!

    Hope you're okay and heal well

    1. thank you friend! My knees are a lovely shade of plum. ;)


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