Monday, August 11, 2014

we took a walk

 not a long walk mind you, but a nice walk. the kind of walk that makes you feel like you could wander for a long while.
i haven't been walking lately. my allergies have taken over and i have fearfully allowed them to rule. i'm not sure how to fix this but i keep trying different strategies. keep to ocean walks, less pollen around except for that enormous eucalyptus grove or those gorgeous pines (both contain something that force my body into attack mode).
keep to short even walks so that my allergy heavy body which has grown heavier this year can walk without making me feel like a miserable failure in the physical department.
drinking hot water or green tea or nettle tea to flush out those histamines, taking benadryl before a walk...all sorts of things. the problem is i never know which is working or not working due to all those other factors that creep in. was this walk better because of the tea or because the only trees around us were oak and i'm good with oak. was this walk bad because of the wind or because i wasn't hydrated enough? i never know how a walk will affect me until the next day when i cannot wake up easily or where i am overwhelmed by wheeziness or my throat begins to hurt or the crushing fatigue that knocks me over into napville before i can splash cold water on my face.
it's all very very frustrating made more so buy people close to me who just. do. not. get. it. healthy folks who can breathe unimpeded. who can walk without a care so that their legs are strong and the minds uncluttered. super frustrating. sigh.
so i went on a walk and i did everything beforehand and it seems to have worked. i'm not wheezy today. i'm not falling over tired. my brain is only slightly cluttered but i blame that on all the work i have to do. i'm thinking it was pretty good and maybe next week i will try this walk again. rather than beat myself up about it all i need to be kind and take what i can get. a couple of miles on flat ground isn't the worst i could do, right?
until then, i will hide from the pollen outside (it gets gusty in this town) and i will pedal away on the machine in the corner and drink more nettle tea than i know what to do with. mostly though, i will keep my fingers crossed and be kind to myself as i plan for future walks in this pretty pretty place.


  1. Congrats on your walk! I feel your pain about people not getting it (not about allergies - mine are very well controlled with meds except my food ones and I've always got an epi pen near) but I broke my stupid hip and now can't do crap and even the husband doesn't get why I haven't... Washed the counter for example (well because bending on crutches hurts)

    1. You broke your hip? Yikes! That has got to hurt and yes, bending on crutches does hurt! Phooey!