Thursday, July 24, 2014


July has been kicking my bum with all sorts of busy! I, of course,  had mucho plans for all sorts of posts but then life happened and my ideas flew out the window. So for now, how about some photos? Here's a little bit of the dilly I have been up to...
 I taught a paper lantern and beaded wire sculpture class at a local library. These are my sample lanterns. The teen girls in my class made some fantastic lanterns while a few others really rocked the wire and beads. Yay for summer teaching!
 I wandered out early one morning for a photo walk but found it a bit too overcast so I popped in to one of my favorite spaces for a cuppa, a sweet treat, and some reading.
 We've had some warmer temps here so I have been rocking it old school with sun tea. This batch here is a mixture of Wild Sweet Orange and Happy Me (which I am out of so if you see it could you send some my way? Pretty please?). I sweeten a smidge with honey and drink about a quart a day. Love this tea!
 I got a little crazy thrifting. Some scores, some not so scorey. I recently picked up 5 pairs of jeans for $20 and sadly not a pair fit me. Phooey! But I did find a nifty dress, some comfy tops, and a pile of wooden bowls for my classroom!
 At our last family dinner I made a most delicious batch of yellow curry. I originally thought I could make a curry paste but got lazy and picked up a bottle instead, only I picked up Indian curry instead of Thai curry and had to balance it out with a lot of garlic and ginger.  It was delicious...yay for crock pots!
 I felt a little sad that my etsy shop has been so empty so I added a bunch of gingham fat quarters. Aren't they pretty?
 My school is going to be implementing Froebel's Gifts into our classroom as a part of our math program. I have been brushing up and AM. SO. EXCITED!
And finally...I got to squeeze this girl after being blog buddies for years. Yay for the internet and happy, quirky peoples!

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