Sunday, July 13, 2014

time for a (lovely) wee sponsored post: jord wooden watches

I receive many inquiries for sponsored posts. Most of 99% of them are for ridiculous non-dilly things such as custom teeth whitening trays or perfume...yes perfume (how ironic being that I have a sniffer that does not sniff).
A few months ago I was contacted by JORD Watches and it was a delightful change of pace and perfect timing as I needed a new watch desperately. I'm not your average watch-wearing girl. Women's watches tend to be a bit too dainty and priss for my taste and the bands are too narrow or too gilded and I'm just not into bling. How delighted I was to find that Jord watched are not blingy at all yet still quite eye-catching and naturally gorgeous. I was intrigued by the visual and geeked out over the meaning of the word JORD which is Swedish for “earth, soil, or nature”. My 1/8 Swedish ancestry loved the albeit tiny connection and so I jumped in and partnered up.
JORD watches are made with a variety of wood and implement just as many styles of watch-face and design. Being a teacher who has to have her brain scattered in a million different ways, I needed a watch that was easy to read and so went for the Sully in Natural Green. I couldn't wait for it to arrive as I was tired of wearing things with pockets so I could use my phone for a clock.
My watch arrived in a nifty box all happily presented with a wooden token and satin pillow. I was a bit miffed that the green was not as green as I thought it would be but the natural grain and color of the watch more than made up for it. Being a man's watch, it fit loosely on my wrist which is what I was going for, the band does not pinch my wrist in its hinges and is still tight enough it does not slip off my wrist altogether.
The watch fits the mister as well and he has manly wrists so it's a double win. It also appears that with the right tool, one could remove a link or two from the band to give the watch a more custom fit. JORD watches are really pretty and I am very happy to have been contacted by them as it would have never crossed my mind to search for a wood watch (though I have searched for wood wedding rings go figure). If you are looking for a gorgeous timepiece for yourself or a gift, give their catalog a look! I believe, the quality, design, and product are a great deal for the price. Not bad for a group of people in the Midwest, not bad at all!


  1. I love my JORD watch too. I've become quite addicted to it.

    1. yes! they are quite nifty and not too common so a good conversation piece!