Wednesday, July 30, 2014

on sunsets and garden goodness

scarlet runner flower
pitcher plants from radmegan
 we finally have some heat up here. kinda a lot for our little coastal town. it's been a smidge muggy as well and for us used to the dry heat, the mugginess makes us a bit whiny. it's made for some gorgeous sunsets though...and sunrises. for a moment today i thought for sure we would get some summer rain...we didn't but good golly the sunset was absolutely divine!
the mister's ladder in the new garden
mama a-go-go's peaches
 so with the heat, the garden has been bursting....the strawberries are super sweet, the blackberries are getting riper and the peaches are blushing beautifully.
yellow roses of slo
still life w jek's junk
just...everything in the garden is so pretty. the flowers in bloom, the fruit fruiting and the pretty! we're very lucky to live where we do and grow what we grow. everything we can;t grow can be found at our farmer's market. so lucky!
the view from our patio
sweet dreams!

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