Monday, June 30, 2014

the june bed

Eegads...I'm cutting it close. I forgot about the bed...I mean I forgot I never photographed it so here ya go. Happy end of June!

Friday, June 27, 2014

such a loverly weekend

a lovely vintage bed
the smile inducing kitchen
out and about in k-town
colorku is a favorite

The mister and I spent five days in L.A. this past weekend visiting with favorite peoples, eating favorite foods and generally just a lollagagging about. I got to spend the weekend with the ever lovely caffeine fiend where along with multiple games of spit, a multitude of coffee consumption, and of course a dash or two out shopping, I finally sat down to watch both Frozen and Tangled. I was pleasantly surprised and thought Tangled was better than Frozen. These pics are just from one day...more to come. Ah...memories.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

19 more things i made...

and here I thought it was a dry creative year...not bad, jek, not bad at all.

50 things I made last year...(I think there may even be more)


recapping my craftiness in 2013

I've been MIA for a smidge now but I think that it has gone mostly unnoticed as the tide of blog reading has shifted. I'm not getting the pageviews I used to. In fact I'm getting even less than I did when I first began eight years ago! What's up internet? I need to rethink this whole blogging least the part where I blog for an audience. I will still be adding my moments and stories as they happen and well, as I remember them. It's been a busy year and I hope to add some blather sometime this summer. So for now, since the year is almost half over, how about a peek at all the crafty bits I did and blogged about last year? Wait, I'll do that in a separate Happy June!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

diy crepe paper and faux flower backdrop {a dollar store do}

All you need to create this pretty bit of fun is an assortment of crepe paper party streamers, faux flowers w stems removed, and small wooden clothespin. Cut crepe paper and hang onto wire or string with clothespin, add a de-stemmed faux flower and that's it! Time for pretty! Most of these items or variations of could be at your local dollar store. My flowers came from our local dollar tree and I often find larger clothespins and crepe paper streamers there, though not so much in these colors.