Monday, May 26, 2014

scrumdilly diy: festive foil garland

For the may bed, I whipped up this super easy, super colorful foil garland in under thirty minutes (give or take time for glue to dry). And now you can too! Give the pics a gander to see how I did it and if yer not a visual learner keep reading and I'll show you how.


*foil pizza pan from supermarket or dollar store
*permanent markers such as Sharpie or Bic
*junky scissors
*1.5" circle punch
*yarn/embroidery floss
*Aleene's tacky glue (white glue should be fin but tack glue is so much better)

Step 1: Use a pair of junky scissors to remove the outer rim of your pizza pan. Take care, the new edge may be sharp. Make sure to use junky scissors so as not to ruin a good pair.

Step 2: Color all over one side of your pizza pan with your permanent markers.

Step 3: Punch out your circles using your circle punch. You can also cut by hand but that might take forever. My original plan was to do this in my classroom to create pieces for a wind chime but the cut foil is a bit on the sharp side (and the fumes from the Bics are STINKY) so this became my bed garland instead.

Step 4: Lay a line of foil circles out face down with two inches or so space in between. Next, lay your length of yarn/floss out on top of the circles (I actually put my yarn/floss down first having cut it so to match the space between posts on my headboard). Add a small blob of glue so that it blobs over the yarn/floss and also touches the circle. Top off with another circle with the happy colors facing out/up.

Step 5: Allow to dry or hang in a happy place after ten minutes if you are impatient like me, enjoy!

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