Saturday, April 12, 2014

where did this week go?

This was once of those weeks where I worked six days and lordy am I pooped! I did my usual school gig with an additional assistant day plus I taught a terrarium class and then we had an all day event in our little downtown plaza. Pooped I tell ya! So I'm just gonna sit back, post some photos and then enjoy a wee bowl of peanut butter ice cream before attempting to sleep without a pillow as my neck is still out from last week's conference excursion.
a group made terrarium

because pencils always make me smile
experimenting in the classroom
working on capsule photos
terrarium fever
adding a giraffe in honor of the boy-o's birthday.
because pink people! and purple...and blue! 
our school week was full of sun
gathering materials for children's day in the plaza
the big bin-o-fun! 
         Mostly I did a lot of standing. Standing in the classroom, standing in the yard, standing in the library as I taught my terrarium class, standing by the play pool, standing in the plaza. All kinds of standing and walking, and standing some more. Did I tell you how one of my kiddos photobombed me in my classroom as I was attempting a timer outfit shot? Oh my! The laughter! It turned into an impromptu photo shoot then dance party. My face hurt from cracking up so. Yup, this was a busy week and tomorrow I need to prep my classroom for the week...we're doing gardens and's going to be fun!

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