Friday, April 25, 2014

the mini capsule round-up

I went seven days with this assortment and I need to pull all the pieces out again as there are many more ways I can wear these! What do you think of the seven I did and are there any mixes you'd like to see? Here are the suspects:


  1. I like very much your capsule wardrobe project, and would like to do the same as well!
    I think you could try to wear the green skirt with the black t-shirt, the jeans with the two dresses. You could also play with the lengths, folding the bottom edges of skirt and dresses and wearing these items on the striped leggings (love!) or the jeans.

    1. thank you! yes, i need to wear the skirt again and i did not think about jeans with the smock, good idea! the skirt has a waistband that I think folding over would work on...i love those stripy leggings as well!