Wednesday, April 02, 2014

scrumdilly style: day 5

 I have to admit that this is probably my favorite of the bunch. Who knew an old lady house dress could cute up like this? Well...I knew but now you know! Here I am wearing items 1 and 4 with a remix of my nifty thrifted black skull Alegrias and all time favorite leggings that I fear are going to fall apart as they are more than fifteen years old. I'm heading out to a conference for three days and am of course packing an utlra-mini wardrobe. I won't be able to take pics while conferencing but I will try to do a fashion re-shoot for ya when I return. I will also really try to get to that darn pink room which I had gotten to sort of but then it kind of imploded all over again. As long as it is finished by August I will not freak out....too much.

Don't forget I am giving away the happy patchy cloud I made. Enter for a chance to win here.


  1. Yes! So very cute..!

  2. I haven't been over here in a awhile. It is always such a fun space and to come back to adorable you. just wonderful.