Saturday, April 19, 2014

diy: easter chick garland

I've had two packs of chenille easter chicks hanging around the tiny casa for three years now just waiting, waiting, waiting to be strung up for a march or april bed. Enter one very bad day in a bad brain kind of way and a million things to do and you get a very cranky jek craft, craft, crafting away at this. I made the entire garland in less than ten minutes and then realized I never took pictures of the april bed so I strung it up in zee bedroom instead of the living room and got all shutter happy.
This is super duper easy. Make sure your chickies have felt wings, otherwise you'll be threading your yarn or string into them and they will be flying away. The chenille used for the chicks is so fine and fluffy that there is not much to anchor it all together.
I looped off my yarn at both end, hung it up, then arranged the chicks. It's all seriously happy, is it not? I was worried the blue chicks would be a bit faded against the aqua wall but the wall is just green enough and the chicks are just blue enough it all works. Tomorrow is Easter so maybe on Monday you can score yourself a couple boxes of chickies on super sale. Enjoy!

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