Wednesday, March 19, 2014

yeah...well...camping did not happen

the return of the cold pressed coffee
 at least for me it did not. I got sick. Or I continued to be sick. I don't know about you but my allergies tend to manifest in cold-like symptoms. I generally feel all snuffled up and so so so tired. Colds however make me ache more than the allergies and then the sore throat part tends to build up and whammy me over the noggin. I think I had a cold then allergies that masked the cold which made me feel like I was the same old allergy ridden jek until I overworked myself and got walloped all over again. Sniff. So now, the cold is gone but the allergies are back! I shake my fist at the wind. Darn wind carrying all those tiny spores that like to invade my sad immune system. So yeah...everyone else went camping while I stayed home sucking on cough drops, drinking hot tea and watching various internet television such as this and this and this.
cloud pillows in the classroom
I'm still so very sleepy. Soooooo sleepy. My endo tells me my T3 has gone all hyper on me and so we're playing with no thyroid meds over the weekends and I tell ya, one day with no tyhroid meds makes a huge difference in how I feel aka BETTER! But enough about my old lady health issues, let's look at some pretty...
 Lookie that! That's a peach-to-be. This warm weather that never really got cold kept everything from going dormant and now everything is in bloom (hence the allergies). We have an apple tree and a peach tree bursting with blooms. The peach tree produces a fair amount of fruit but the apple is still a young'un and only makes three or four edible apples but it will get there.
Do you see the bee? This rose, for some reason is a haven for large black bees. I can't tell if they are bumble or carpenter. My guess is carpenter and maybe they have nested in the wood trellis. I haven't found them entering anywhere but good golly do they buzz buzz buzz around. There were around a dozen or so flying around when I snapped this photo. I love the bees!
Not too long ago I whipped up a frittata to feed seven adults. Sauteed some onion in the cast iron skillet, added some rainbow chard from the garden then a pack of frozen sweet potato tots from TJoe's  and a dozen eggs. Topped it all with some parmesan and monterey jack then popped it into the broiler for a few (maybe a few too many it got kinda brown). It was devoured! DEVOURED. Usually we end up with a slice or two leftover but not this time. I need to get more eggs. I wish we had chickens. So there ya go. Some craftiness that happened, some cooking, and some garden goodness. I'm on day three of the new wardrobe adventure and I'm not really into yet but I will be. It's been warm and I'm not a fan of warm. I need to tackle a spot in the granny room to take pics of the pieces...coming soon!

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