Sunday, March 23, 2014

time for a mini capsule wardrobe: round 1

I have to admit I really did enjoy my adventure in capsule wardrobing. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would give it another go but this time make it for a seems I have a LOT of bits and bobs crammed into the not-so-large closet. It's about time I actually stretched myself to wear what is inside instead of pulling on the same pair of jeans and same three grey tops over and over again.

There are all sorts of things in the closet that I always seem to make the cut when I purge but never actually get worn. Though I can't really say that is the case for this round as most of the items are a bit new in the newly thrifted sense...I'll break it down for ya in case you are actually reading thisand are interested.

1. newish top from F21 for some reason I can wear their tops. This one has a faux cross-stitch design. I like that about it and that this is a t-shirt cut but in lace. I really need to wear it though (and I did...three times!)

2. An old Mossimo fave from Target. I remember I really wanted the button-down but there was no way it would um...button down. It's the colors that make me smile and so I got this top instead. It is a soft cotton and I like the boat neck. The sleeves could be a little longer though.

3. This orange top was purchased last year from F21. It is a vivid orange which doesn't show up in the photo. It's sheer and boxy and I like the assymetricality of it. I only wore this once during the week but I tried it on with the green skirt and under the smock dress and it worked.

4. This smock dress was thrifted sometime last fall from the outlet wear clothing is sold by the pound. It is a bit more faded than in the photo and it has pockets which is always a good thing. It worked as a smock on it's own and as a jumper when worn over other tops. All of the tops save for the black sweatshirt worked with this.

5. I picked this up from Target around the holidays. I love it. It is super soft and comfy and has a neon pink zipper that flashes about in the back. While I do love a babydoll I am ready to acknowledge that maybe it is not the most flattering shape for the goodness that is my chunky self.'ll see...

6. This green skirt is a F21 skirt but I got it at Goodwill for $1.98 (yay for half off days). It is a super vivid crayon green. This was the basis for the entire capsule. I picked it to wear for St. Patrick's day because I am nothing if not a ham. Looks good with all the tops and under the grey dress...or so I though.

7. Another F21 purchase. Eeegads it looks like my mini wardrobe has been sponsored by the place but really I own maybe a dozen pieces and it seems I tend to wear them all together, I love the boxy shape of this sweatshirt...and the zippers. It however may not like my body.

8. And my old baggy patchy jeans. I love these jeans even if they do tend to fall down a lot. I usually only wear them at home now because the hitch and walk is not really a pretty sight. but yeah...I wore these all week. I like the patchiness and how they have been patched for ages way before the couture trend.

So that's it folks. The week has been completed and I will be posting the results here...I'm beginning a new week this week as just may get tired of all this but I hope you are inspired instead.


  1. Inspired. Def. :)

    1. thank you! i hope you try it for a week! if you do and you blog it send me a link!

  2. this is a great idea and i'm totally excited to see all your outfits! i like your clothes as you know, you have a great eye for colors and shapes. and the red hair is like a great accessory xxx

    1. thank you friend! i do love the red hair! wish it didn't fade so or wish I could touch it up so it wouldn't fade. ;)