Saturday, March 22, 2014

a wee wander on the mountain...

Yesterday, the mister and I headed out for a wee wander. We didn't really hash it out ahead of time so of course found ourselves in the driveway, in the car, asking each other..."So...where do you wanna go?" There may have been a wee squabble and there may have been a bit of crankiness on both sides but we were determined to walk and so we hit the Lemon Grove Loop on Cerro San Luis aka Madonna Mountain. We stopped at the eucalyptus grove as eucalyptus and this jek do not mix but continued on the loop once we met up with the main trail...
 The total loop is 2.2 miles...there's a bit of up and a bit of down. Not too much shade and you can see the freeway and hear it...not the best but the morning was overcast and so we continued on.
 A few trees here and there...tons of cactus and not much else save for the dirt path and grassy bits...
 I was winded. Super winded. More winded than the Rinconada trail which had more of an elevation climb. I was also congested with allergies and now I am more so but still I got out!
 I may have stopped a dozen or so times to photograph the mossy bits on the few and none-too-frequent posts...I still need to upload the photos from the Rebel thee are probably a dozen or so of the mister's back...wheee!
 See? Dirt trail and grass...there were a few wildflowers popping up and a mockingbird or two sing-songing about with the occasional tweeee of a hummingbird zipping insects, no tracks, just a lot of bags of canine crap...really people? Ugh. So we walked, and it was pretty enough and I got my cardio for the day...then I came home and moved piles around in the pink room and planned for some craftiness. Planned being the operative word but there shall be crafting! I'm working on getting my mojo back...and doing something about it. Tomorrow is the final day for my second round of The Great Wardrobe Adventure...I need to remember to take photos...note to self...TAKE PHOTOS!

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