Sunday, February 09, 2014

the whole shebang {adv in capsule wardrobing}*

And now it is time to get back to our regularly scheduled program of wheeziness, food, garden photos, and maybe....if we're lucky...a little diy. Thank you for following along. If you did or if you do take the time to try a capsule wardrobe, send me a link so I can cheer you on!

*actually 19 outfits as I had no idea I duplicated one outfit...days 8 and 11.


  1. Hi! I only just found your blog yesterday and enjoy it so. :) I'm glad you haven't pulled the plug on all your social media; I was having too much fun just getting to know you! I didn't get to look at all your capsule days experiment, so I don't know if you already commented on this, but I am wondering if you made new outfit discoveries since you were forced to think differently about combinations? Did you have a favorite outfit or two that you came up with?

  2. What a fun idea . . . and your outfits are great!

  3. Muy buenas ideas. Very practical and comfortable. Chika you are very creative persone ♥