Monday, February 03, 2014

the great capsule wardrobe adventure: days 14 and 15

bringing bag the pegged leg
 I realized that my picks could go more than 14 days and so I went for 20! Here ya go! I dug out my saddle shoes for a bit of happy that did not last very long as the tops of these shoes irritate the crap out of my feet. But they sure look happy, don't they?
 This photo makes my skin look ridiculously smooth. I did not edit it in any way so yay for late afternoon light and shadows! Same lipstick I have been wearing all month.
a grainy girl is a sassy girl; items 2 and 12
Day 14 was warm still but I pulled out the linen sweater anyway and paired it with a tan top that makes i look as if I were baring the belly...a weirdly khaki toned belly. Add a funky 80s pant-leg fold and saddle shoes and you have quintessential jek.
old lady shoes and skirt length, i rock.
 Day 15 was a skirt day...with pettipants underneath and black flats to keep it simple. I really, really love the versatility of this skirt!
smirkers r us; items 8 and 5
And while it may look like I have just crammed a Reese's heart in my mouth, I have not. I do not know what it is I am doing and I wish I would just stop already but taking photos of yourself with a time when you are feeling all frumpified and hot makes you grumpy and so you only take three shots and say to heck with it.

Five more days, can you handle it? I could probably get a bunch more outfits out of the whole shebang but I'm tired of taking pictures of myself and just want to wear pajama bottoms all day already. I need to get a remote for the camera that works. And I need to find  better place for taking pictures...

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