Monday, February 17, 2014

a wee proposal {second title}

I am certain there were things I wanted to write about. Things that may have involved cooking or shopping or sad racooning. And now, since I waited sooooo long I cannot think of anything to share. At least anything remotely interesting to anyone other than those involved. Oh wait! I remember....I need to re-title this hold on a second...
A few weeks ago a was working on the february bed and fretting over the artwork when I found a thrifted granny square in pink, white mad grey! I found two more but they were of the grey variety and I thought...

"Drats! If only I had more to choose from..."

Okay, now I have an idea. My birthday is in six days and I was thinking about how much I love a granny square and how inept I am at needle arts. I've already got a partner for a granny square/garland swap but I was wondering if anyone else out there would be up for sending me a square or two or three. Anyone?
I would love to have a basket full of gloriously artful grannies to hang over the bed or place about the craft room for splashes of pretty. Some may even make an appearance in a photo shoot. What I can offer you up in exchange is a set of six dillydelicious pom-poms made by me or perhaps a painted newspaper garland/papel picado?
I do love making pom-poms even if they aggravate my allergies (while wearing a filter mask even) but there is only so much room in the-room-that-shall-one-day-be-cleaned to store them. So what do ya think? Is it time for a swap?


  1. I have a couple worked up in multi color (budget) yarn: reds, greens, blues and purple... They have not been blocked and are approx 5x5. Happy to send them your way.

    1. oooh yes please! what can i send you? my ghee-male is jekinthebox. ;)