Friday, January 17, 2014

the great capsule wardrobe adventure: days 8 and 9

loving these mary janes but sheesh they are clompy sounding
Okay, the weather here has been freaky hot. Hotter than even our usual summer temps. I am now wishing I added another short sleeve top instead of all these long sleeves but I still have the smock to wear which will be worn tomorrow for sure! Sunday I have a staff meeting so will be wearing either the jeans or the trousers as I'll be camping out on the floor surrounded by children's books.
for a hot winter's day; items 1 and 11
So yeah, yesterday was 88 degrees. I had a dentist's appointment in the morning and then it was errands, errands, errands. It got hot. I got sweaty. It was not pretty. My hair was all clumpified and so right after I took this photo I jumped in the shower and pj'd it the rest of the day. Awwww.
teacher day in the summery winter; items 10 and 12
Thank goodness for thrifted linen trousers. It was another hot day, I think even hotter than yesterday. Spent the morning and early afternoon as acting teacher's aide for our Friday Enrichment class. It was busy and full and fun and I am really happy I have found this place.
My hair was too clean to cooperate. I'm never fond of my hair after a shampoo. Perhaps if I knew how to girlify it with product and stuff it would be more cooperative but I don't and so it's not. Though I do think it played well for this photos. It was weird though. All flat at the crown and flippy only on the left side. Oh well, its just hair, right?
I brought one of the kitchen rugs from the old apartment to the classroom for the kiddos to dump sand on when they come in from our tiny play yard. It adds a pop of color to the classroom and I like it. I also quite like the look of these flats I picked up at Target back in 2008 or 2009. My sad feet and back however do not like them as they offer not one iota of support. After being really good about wearing good shoes I now know that it isn't worth the pretty when yer in pain for the rest of the day. These shoes are now nestled in the trash along with my favorite, favorite glitter shoes. The holes in the toes keep them from being donatable. Sigh. I did love them though. Speaking of shoes I just got two pairs dumped in the porch from the UPS driver...only one will work. The other while super nifty in looks ultimately will be a wash so I better return them now and keep looking for the right one. Ooof! 

Tomorrow is birthday day for the nephew-a-go-go and so I can dazzle the family with my funky smock. I hope the temps cool but it doesn't look like they will. Ya gotta love global warming or you don't and have to really rethink how you live even though we can't really reverse it we can do small things to make our footprint smaller. Every little bit helps.

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