Monday, January 20, 2014

the great capsule wardrobe adventure: days 10 and 11

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this winter has been funky! Our temps were the highest in the nation! Here, in little old SLO where last year at this time I was cold, cold, cold! Or chilly at least. Long sleeved weather at least. I think.
sunny day delight; items 8 and 6
It was a birthday day and it was warm. I pulled out the smock and paired it up with the black t-shirt as the other tops were in the laundry and we're now officially in a drought so I need to be extra mindful of our water usage (we're already silly mindful but you can always improve on mindfulness, methinks). I wore my grey leggings which I also wore with the linen skirt on day six.
The skirt of the smock kept sticking to my leggings....ah I popped on my old lady petti-pants and went for it. They remind me of my old cotton split slip I wore with all my dress back in high school now more than two decades ago. Eeps!
A wee bit on the boring side; items 1 and 11
On Sunday I had a work meeting and knew it would be hot so I went for the comfy shirt that was finally washed. I was feeling blah and all dirty-haired so paired this ensemble with my happy orange flats. Meh.
Ho-hum...I'm getting tired of the too-warm January...and my hair. My hair is not playing nice. I've been trying to replicate the hair fabulousness from day 7 but so far it ain't happened. Tomorrow will prolly be a smock day...maybe I will pair it with the skirt too!


  1. Lovin the orange flats! I have orange shoes on my "things I need" list!

  2. I love the orange flats as well! It's so nice to look down at something happy. Your heat wave on the other hand, kinda blows my mind!