Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the great capsule wardrobe adventure: days 1 and 2

Hi there! 
The first day was a no brainer. As it was a pretty cold morning with afternoon temps in the low 70s, I went for jeans and the sweatshirt with a taupe camisole underneath. It was surprisingly chilly in the morning. Chilly enough for me to roll down my pant legs as my poor thick ankles were cold!
Items 3 and 11 plus a scarf and thrifted shoes
I'm a preschool teacher folks (can't you tell?) so jeans that stay put are ideal. I found these Lee's at kohl's and LOVE them. They present well and I have yet to expose any part of my derriere. Plus, they do not bag at all so I am not constantly hiking them up like I do all my other jeans (I hate belts).
cuffing my's a jek thing
The scarf was a Forever 21 clearance item. I picked it up for $2! The shoes are Clarks and came from Goodwill...$8! They were barely worn and fit my wide feed and are a bit on the cute side. Yay for versatile black flats!
I am so not a supermodel; items 2, 9, and 11
I have no idea what I am doing here. I do know that this was the best photo out of twenty or so. I suppose it is a good thing I did not try to go into modeling. Posing is not my strong point. The shoe are Born and were about $100. I picked them up from a local old fashioned shoe store in town. They are very comfy. The scarf was another $2 score but this one came from Penneys.
It was chilly enough for most of the day that I did not take my sweater off at all. I am rethinking the top though...when you bend over it gets a bit chesty...and as a preschool teacher I am often stooping over something or someone, this could get embarrassing. This is also a day where I assist the other teacher in the room (I share my room with two others) and so I end my shift a little after 1pm...I think it did get much warmer afterwards and the sweater came off in the car.

So how am I doing so far?


  1. I am loving this project of yours! When I looked at your capsule pieces, my brain saw grey's and brown's but this last outfit says "blue" to me. I just love the power of accessories! I think these outfits are awesome!

    1. Aw! The power of a scarf! It has been too hot for me to revisit the sweater...except in the evening and evenings are too dark for pics! yikes!

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