Thursday, January 16, 2014

a picture of pretty and a heat wave

lookie! new pretty tape! *

It was 88 degrees today. Hot. It's also supposed to be winter. It was 88 degrees and what do I do? I bake a pie. Granted I baked said pie around 6:30 this evening when the temps were around 60. It has been noted that today in SLO our crazy summer temps are record breaking. We're hot and our fruit trees are sporting blooms and are not going dormant. The freesias are blooming a bit ahead of schedule and yesterday I ate a handful of homegrown strawberries that were delicious. We are also seriously lacking water. There is barely any snow in the mountains and our lakes are drying up like crazy. Ain't that grand? I won;t even go into how parts of our town are selling off agricultural land to build homes. Lots of homes. More homes than we have water for. Crappy homes that aren;t for struggling adults like me and the mister. Nope, homes for college students whose parents purchase the overpriced uglies then turn around and sell them for even more moolah.

It's enough to make me want to move. I troll zillow and trulia looking at homes in New Mexico (I'm not allergic there) or Oregon (a whole lot of people I enjoy live there) and wondering what we could do for income. I also hate that  because I love this area (I say area and not town because all of the people who own properties, all three of them, are raising leases and our downtown has all of these small businesses closing left and right)  and my job and our family.

Oy! Enough with the (poodles) whine already!

I also had a date with the dentist this morning and lucky me, I have a chipped twenty-year-old filling and a cracked twenty-year-old filling...they need to be replaced...and they will be needing crowns. I don't have dental insurance and now my idea of getting that lens finally for my birthday has gone out the window. I need to figure out how to make um...2500 by then....yikes! Anyone need a vintage dress or dilly pack or two or three or hundred? I can do custom garlands and/or packs...Wheeee!

The great capsule wardrobe adventure continues even through the heat! Man, I wish I picked out a few more short sleeves. Photos tomorrow.

*the tape has nothing to do with anything other than it being pretty and you can't really have a ranty blog post without a pretty picture. Right?


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I saw that San Luis Obispo was the hottest place in the 48 states on Thursday. Cannot imagine what our summer will be like. Many of the farmers here in the San Joaquin are taking land out of production this next growing season due to temperatures and water. Don't know what people will be eating or wearing next year.

    The air in Oregon is great. New Mexico is so dry that my sinuses bleed. Since our house is paid for I think we will be staying in fresno for the time being.

    1. It was crazy hot and today it is even hotter. I'm worried too and am certain there will be no dry farmed watermelon at the farmer's market this year. our snap peas are blooming like crazy and jeff thinks that if we do get a frost it's gonna be damaging. ugh. I'm worried I might have allergies in Oregon and I didn't even think about the dryness of N.M. is it dryer than Nevada do you think? My nose is not fond of Reno. Yer summer in Fresno are usually pretty hot, aren't they? Yikes!

    2. Anonymous3:47 PM

      We are usually in the high 90s in the summer, but it's a dry heat. Last year we had some days around 110 and even 113, but in looking at Australia's summer temps, I am thinking 110 might be our new normal if we follow their trend. We are running out of water here, though, that's the bad part. Not only has it not rained, there is no snow in the mountains, but the water tables are dropping like crazy. People are attempting to drill new wells but they are having to go deeper and deeper to find water.