Saturday, December 07, 2013

holiday diy: twelve days of christmas advent part 1

 I love an advent calendar. LOVE them. I always plan on making one just for fun but then well...time runs away from me. Here is a simple advent you can make as a holiday gift for a friend that still has the element of an advent without having to rush through the last of week in November to get it done. It's a Twelve Days of Christmas Tea Advent. Okay, really it is an interpretation of the twelve days as the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on December 25 while this advent would kick of a twelve day countdown to Christmas. Confused? Me too, but lookie, it's cute!
Years ago a lovely internet friend sent me a tea advent calendar. The variety of teas coupled with the happy colors of the wrappers made for a delightful morning cuppa. A few week's ago I asked if anyone wanted to swap tea and had two takers so I whipped up these mini twelve day advent calendars that can be used to count down to Christmas or New Year's. One calendar presented two ways. Here is way one.
Most boxes of tea will have 15-20 bags inside. Pick up three boxes with one of them being a variety pack and you could create a dozen or so gifts for your tea drinking friends. Now, good tea can be spendy but your average supermarket tea can be very tasty as well as long as you know how to brew it. Good Earth makes a fantastic Vanilla Chai tea, Tazo has the coolest wrappers and you could pick by color as all of their teas are really delicate yet full of flavor, and my favorite market tea is Mighty Leaf's Orange Dulce. Whichever tea you choose, make sure each bag is wrapped to ensure the integrity of the flavor.
Gather up your teas and get to wrapping them. I used two brown lunch bags cut into bands, washi tape, and a permanent marker.
Use a hole punch or a needle and thread to attach each bag to a length of twine or yarn and tie to pretty hanger either store bought or homemade. Think outside the box and wrap a metal hanger with fabric or yarn, turn a tree branch into a hanger, or use a cedar hanger that is a gift itself.

A simple, easy diy that can be dressed up in any number of ways no matter the color or seasonal trends!

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