Monday, November 25, 2013

sweet november: window view

I love the view outside our sliding door (well, except for the power lines). That big rocky peak there? It's called Bishop Peak and it is a volcanic plug, one of the Nine Sisters. You can hike up to the top of the peak (the mister does it often, I have yet to do it....cough, cough.) At various times during the day, if you look to the top of the peak from the homestead you can see people standing there. Just the other morning I was up around 6:30 and the entire top was covered with a line of tiny figures, while yesterday I watched the moon set over the peak. I really want to go up but always end up so sick now with my menopausal allergies. Sigh. The bird shape is there on the glass so the birds don't fly into the window. It's never fun when the birds fly into the window. The flying saucer is there care of the nephew a-go-go. He is a bit enamored of all things spacey. Just below this is a duet of predator aliens or something. He loves a good alien. To the left is a Godzilla that I have since turned into Minnie Pearl complete with pearl necklace and lips. I often go through the menagerie of space creatures and pretty them up much to the nephew's dismay. I think he has given up on changing them back now.

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