Thursday, November 07, 2013

sweet november: close up

Today was spent scrambling about taking photos and searching, searching, searching for lost things. The mister and I are going to L.A. for the weekend and I need to pre-post the next three days of sweet november but since everything is still stupidly packed least everything creative that does not have preschool leanings...I was hard-pressed to come up with creative stuff.
I was also hard-pressed to find my missing things...such as my lens cap...which I had on Tuesday and my favorite moth-eaten cashmere wrap which I also had on Tuesday...and then there is a missing birthday present for a certain someone that I swear I had put on the shelf in the bedroom only to find that it is actually NOT on the shelf. Well drats! At least I did find one thought-to-be missing scarf that I had last seen sometime on our road trip. Phew! So here you go...close-ups of my tiny succulent garden. The only plants I can keep going (knock on wood). If you pop on over to Tara's you'll see she too posted photos of succulents. We're kinda weirdly connected that way...taking photos of the same things, making recipes on the same day with the same ingredients....getting sinus infections at the same time. Yeah...we're cool like that.

Tomorrow will be a half-finished handmade post and inspiration post might be late or lame or a repeat...and while I thought my To-Do list was pretty creative, the photos tell me otherwise. But I'm doing it. A post a day! Happy November friends!

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