Tuesday, November 05, 2013

sweet november: orange

This is what orange looks like when you spend your day working with germy kiddos (there is something evil going around), run errands after work, then take a detox shower before you remember you need to put up a sweet november post and that today's word is orange.

This is what orange looks like when you dash into your not-yet unpacked craft room (which may never get unpacked) to see what you can dig up. And what you dig up...you, a person who loves orange...is not much. There is the tiny garland you whipped up after feverishly punching out a series of circles from a pad of scrapbook paper after you ransack your table for the extra large scallop punch you spent too much on (even with a coupon) that you later find after finishing the wee garland. The three scarves that border on coral which is kinda pink, three rolls of washi tape, a short length of white ribbon with orange owls on it, four crocheted hangers, one Hawaiian Punch guy, and a felt basket you picked up on super sale just because.

I have oodles of happy orange themed photos on flickr...take a gander here.


  1. you know I chose orange just for you ;) I know how much you typically like it.... just on less hectic days!

    1. I thought so! And I remember the orange craft room of yours from days lone gone! ;)