Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sweet november: old

It seems I have a fondness for old things. Some like to call them vintage but I think there is a tiny bit of magic in the oldness of it all. Most of my things, my old things come from family. They belonged to my mother or my grandmother. The rest were salvaged from thrift stores simply because I fancied them so. That lovely portrait up there is of my Great Aunt Mabel. I have always felt a kinship with her and met her when I was only a baby. In my childhood I could swear she was talking to me from this portrait. It all sounds a bit creepy now but back when I was all skinned knees and tow-headed I thought she was like a fairy whispering secrets of the past to me. Oh how I wish she really could. My mother told me that she never married and that she was a follower of Sister Aimee. She wore a pale blue velvet cape and played the tambourine along with the other women who followed Sister Aimee's gospel. Sister Aimee was caught up in all sorts of scandal.  If you ever get a chance, PBS put out a short documentary on her. I watched it searching for a familiar face and I do believe my Great aunt Mabel popped up in a frame or two.
And this bit of beauty if a small washboard, a recent gift from my brother as I wanted to bring one to the school to play. The sister a-go-go and her fella picked me up one last summer that we have outfitted with straps and the mister got me a horn AND a kazoo to add to it but now I think I want to keep it simple. I am not nearly as musically inclined as mr. a-go-go but I so have a good beat that can be danced to. A washboard makes for a pretty nifty percussion instrument if you do not want to fuss with drums. I'm still a bit shy and won't play in front of the mister but I do air-play when I am listening to this song (ya gotta start somewhere, right?) which by the way is from my new music obsession. Good golly is that Esther Rose just dreamy or what?
I'll end with the motely crew of old pillowcases on the not-so-made-up bed. Two of the three were thrifted and the top one was handmade by me from vintage fabrics that belonged to my mother. That yellow and pink bit is actually from one of her handmade dresses. So there you have it. A wee peek at some old things that I have surrounding me write now know...I unpack that darn pink room!

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