Wednesday, November 27, 2013

last minute napkin rings for your holiday table

These simple napkin rings were made from yarn, wire, and washi tape. Easy to make in just an hour two (it depends on how many you need) so get to it!
I used a small pom-pom maker to create my poms.While I think it is quicker to use your hands for pom making, a pom maker will keep your poms more uniform with less trimming needed so there is less waste. So make two poms for each napkin ring, and leave your yarn ties long.
To create the ties, you will need washi tape and wire. I found my wire in the floral section of a craft store. You are basically creating a twist-tie which will make your napkin rings not as permanent as other methods but they do work in a pinch. Lay a piece of washi tape down ticky-side up with a length of wire on top. Complete by sandwiching another length of washi tape on top of the wire, trim end with scissors. Adhere the pom-poms by tying them to the washi tie with the yarn tails.
Wrap one twisty napkin ring around a napkin and get ready to dine in fun fashion!

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