Sunday, October 20, 2013

scrumdilly diy: day of the dead painted paper garland

Oh how I had grand plans for Day of the Dead this year but then this month happened and well...I'll take what I can get. This diy is more an inspiration post than a true step-by-step diy. I used a good old fashioned Sharpie to draw my bones and sugar skull and then used neon colored acrylic paints to add color to the whole party.
I used a large sheet of heavy weight paper and freehanded the bones and sugar skull. I think the paper was about 11 1/2"  X 17". The quality was really nice and played well with the sharpie even though my first sugar skull looked positively cranky. The second one did as well...the third one worked like a charm and so I stuck with it.
My original plan was to make crepe paper flowers but I got lazy and my back got angry. I really like how the flowers turned out. I used four-colors and alternated which color decorated which part of the flower to make it a bit more mix-happy. I could have planned it better but again I blame it on my back.
I used silver thread in my sewing machine and stitched one side of bones and flowers first, then the other. I almost made this is a mobile instead but went ahead and got all stitch-happy so that I could make the darn bed already!

I have another garland diy coming up. It might be sans the steps as I took those photos many months ago and may not be able to find them but it is another stitched paper garland this time using bias tape...stay tuned and Happy October!

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