Wednesday, October 30, 2013

last minute Halloween garlands in three parts: part II

How about some squishy garlands? I used a needle and thread to create both the rat garland and the skeleton garland.

I imagined the rat (mice?) garland would be horizontal with the wee rodents scampering across the wall. Alas, the weight of the little buggers makes them spin and get all topsy turvy so they look more like dead rodents than squishy rodents. But if you hang them vertically the mostly behave themselves!
As for the skellies, I jabbed the needle through their squishy skulls with maybe a bit too much glee and wished I had picked up two packs instead. They make me think of this cartoon.

I've got one more batch of garlands coming up so get yourself a pack or two of festive stickers, an extra-large scallop punch, construction paper, and your sewing machine (or glue and twine).

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  1. cute! I love the colors of the skeletons!