Tuesday, October 29, 2013

last minute Halloween garlands in three parts: part I

Okay, it should be no surprise that I had meant for this bit of garland fun to be a week-long dealio to be posted before Halloween, so let's pretend that it was and that you love it all and will bookmark it or pin it for next year. Okay? 
I picked up an assortment of fun Halloween items from my local Target. Think squishy skeletons, happy erasers, stickers, etc. All of these items are easily garlandified by using tape, staples, yarn, a glue-gun, and/or your sewing machine.
Many of these are so easy, your kiddo can whip 'em up. That polka dot goodness up there? Those are treat bags. Simply fold the bottom  into itself, add yarn into the crease and tape shut at the corners. Gotta stapler? Use that instead...or stitch it up on your sewing machine.
Got a hot glue gun? Use it to garland-up a set of happy erasers. Be warned, I used a length of doubled thread and my garland became a tangled mess! Use baker's twine, yarn, or embroidery floss to limit the tangling. Trust me! Also, if your temps are on the chilly side, your erasers might pop off the glue.

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