Sunday, September 22, 2013

happy fall!

It's officially fall and yet our summer temps keep popping up here on the coast. Today however, was beautiful. An overcast morning with a cool breeze, just about perfect if not for all the pollen that blows in along with the wind. My head is so congested I am a cranky mess. Darn pollen. Just like the old days my ears are packedy packed with mawd knows what and my poor bronchial tubes have an errant group of ravers mucking up the place.
So rather than wrap myself up in a soft blanket to sit on the sofa with, I have been moping about the homestead in an old t-shirt and patchy jeans. Instead of cozying up with a cup of pumpkin spiced something I have been guzzling water and leaving a trail of tissue all over the case I can't find my way to the bedroom. Instead of going outside and taking deep gulps of that crispish (at least in the morning) fall air I have been lollying about on the not-made-up bed alternating between a cheesy romance reed and a marathon run of candy crush, papa-whats-it-callit, and farm heroes crappity crap.
It's the first day of fall and all I have managed to do in honor of the day is to bust open a bag of pumpkin spice m&ms...a flavor wrapped up in scent that I and my anosmic-self cannot appreciate.
I try...though...I really do. Happy Fall (or Spring if yer down-under)!

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