Friday, August 30, 2013

taking some time to admire the flowers...


I would write smell the flowers but you know me and my non-working sniffer. At least the blooms are are the seed pods. These are all of the sister-a-go-go's flowers. We have taken over her garden and by we I mean the mister because I am pretty sure I am allergic to all of it though I do like running around with the push mower. I should probably wear a mask for that. Achoo!


The future plan is to get rid of the back lawn and put in some raised beds to grow our own veggies again. We brought the grape, strawberries, and blackberries up with us back in 2010 and have been enjoying berries like crazy. The grapes however will take a couple more years to settle in. I can almost taste the juice! Aside from that. The mama a-go-go has a peach tree and a tiny apple tree that shot out seven apples this year. Next year...who knows? So excited!

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