Wednesday, August 14, 2013

oh how i love apple season

It's early in the season so the pickings were limited but so so so very delicious!  The Burgundy apples are tiny and slightly tart with a blush of red that bleeds into the fruit. Gravensteins are sweet and make the yummiest of cider, not that we ever cider them up but still, they taste delicious.

The Galas were early and mostly yellow but perfectly crisp and juicy juicy juicy. Mollie's Delicious are a cross of your classic Reds (though I've read that they are not) and are hearty and crisp.

I have to admit that apples are my first and favorite fruit of all time. There are so many varieties and they are available fresh from late summer to spring. I love how different they can be from each other and I of course love them baked in a pie...we usually never make it to pie making as the apples get eaten up lickety split...

I decided to break that tradition. I made a tart. A puff pastry delight. We did not have any cream so I dusted the pastry with powdered sugar and black pepper. It was incredible.

My arm was barely twisted as we need to clean out the fridge at the tiny casa and there is no room in the homestead's freezer. One half a package of puff pastry and a handful of fresh summer apples and you got yourselves a delicious dessert!

We need to eat up our ten pounds as the Mutsus and Tohokus are in! It looks like it's time to pull out that other half of pastry!

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